The North West Neighbourhood Planning Network has been established to provide networking, sharing of information, contacts and advice to neighbourhood planning bodies across the NW region.

We provide signposting to funding sources, guidance and best practice. We also promote neighbourhood planning and provide feedback to Local Authorities, Locality and the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and others to promote a greater understanding of the issues facing neighbourhood planning groups across the North West.


  1. Using this website as a hub: we have a blog as well as links to resources and info about groups in the North West including contact details so that people can get in contact with each other directly
  2. Social Media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In so that members can start conversations and spread news about Neighbourhood Planning
  3. E-mail bulletins: Every 2-3 months we will send out simple updates about what is happening in Neighbourhood Planning in the region
  4. Engagement: We want to find out about members and potential members, what their planning issues are, their positive and negative experiences, any advice they have, what  they want and how the NWNPN can help them. To do this we may occasionally conduct surveys or other exercises
  5. Events: Such as training and networking tailored to the needs of members
  6. Making joining really easy: Anyone can join just by filling in the form below.